Welcome to Sacred Wild Soul, I'm Zoe Howarth. I am an artist, creator and intuitive soul and this is my spiritual journey!


Zoe Howarth Sacred wild soul who is she?


Hello!!! And welcome to my little corner of the internet!!!

I'm Zoe. I'm 33, I live on the south coast of Cornwall in the UK in a beautiful little fishing village by the sea. I work from home, making, creating, dreaming and connecting, pulling cards and journaling.....whilst also being a mum of a very cute little 6 year old boy.  

I started 'Sacred Wild Soul' in May 2016, with the new exiting spring energy fuelling my enthusiasm I finally found a place in the world where I could explore my more spiritual side. Away from a social media account that was connected to my own name I found the freedom to let go, truly be myself and talk about the things that really were  going on inside my head along with the daily battles of mindset and positive living.

This journey has been such a road of discovery. With no idea where it would lead me I just showed up on a daily basis with no agenda and just my truth. 3 years later I have created multiple oracle decks as well as delving deeply into my art journaling and creative processes.

2019 sees the introduction of my silversmithing creative work which I am so excited to finally combine my spiritual beliefs, artistic vision and silversmithing skills to handcraft these limited edition one-of-a-kind collections.


Thank you for visiting my site and feel free to pop by my instagram account and say hi,

Much love,

Zoe xx