Using Your Deck

Improve your intuition with the use of the Sacred Wild Oracle!

Intended as a SACRED TOOL to help you move forwards on your path into a more spiritually BALANCED, POSITIVE and LOVING FUTURE.

This deck was designed without a guidebook on purpose.  Each card holds a theme word and afew sentences which ellaborate and ask questions to help you tune into this energy. This is your starting point, now its time to listen. What is the inner nudging telling you? What are your initial unfiltered thoughts?.....remember the card is a prompt, YOU are the oracle! The wisdom is within you. All you need to do is give yourself the space and permission to start listening to it! This deck is a little bit of sacred magic to help bring this intuitive guidance out. It's that easy!!!



Reading the Cards........

1) What is the first thought or idea that springs to mind?

2) What sentence, prompt or word jumps out at you immediately?

3) Go deeper, what does this mean to YOU? How does it relate to your life now? Remember the card is a prompt to extract the TRUTH from within you. What wisdom wants to come through? Don't filter it, don't judge it, just go with it. You know the answers!!!


3 Card Spread; Focus/ Insights/ Action.

This is one of my favourite ways to use this deck. I love overall readings but with this spread I love that I can get a clear sense of what the situation is about and how to move out of it.

Focus= What are the energies to focus on or that are most relevant.

Insights= What the thoughts or themes of the reading are (the things to keep in mind)

Action=  Finally an action step to move forward, a way to progress from this point, possibly transforming the situation.



Reversed = BLOCKED!

When the cards show up reversed (upside-down) think of this energy or widsom being BLOCKED. How are you currently blocking the energy of this card and how can you release this block in order to move forward in a more positive way?


Multi-Deck card draw

This is such an insightful way to get specific with a card reading. I usually like to use 3 of my favourite decks, pulling just 1 card from each. This surprises me EVERY time!

Each card will give its own perspective on the situation which gives your such a specific view of the situation.

I love it when the cards all bring the same or similar energies, this almost feels like that little bit of confirmation from the universe that the reading really makes sense. It's probably something your also really need to hear right now!


Shadowing other cards.

Using either Tarot or Oracle decks to create a traditional tarot spread like the cross. I will then use the Sacred Wild Oracle to place a card over the top of every card position.

This is another way of adding extra insights and wisdom. I especially find the prompted questions on the cards great action steps which help to bring focus to the cards and energies in.

Delving Deeper....Journaling

Creating your own meanings can be such a beautiful way to connect deeply with these cards. This is really easy to do and so helpful to discover more about yourself, what themes keep cropping up for you?

Using each card as a journal prompt can be a great way to start your morning ritual and to delve deeper to discover more wisdom. Is there more wisdom that reveals itself to you over time? This way you are truly creating a personal reading tailored to you, with your energy!

Ritual Space

As a tool for bringing certain energies into your life.

Create the wheel and calling in the quarters, using the elements cards. This can be helpful to bring in aspects you feel you are lacking in at the moment. For example, elements of fire for more energy, creativity, passion. Elements of Air for inspiration, ideas, transforming negative mind chatter and doubts into positive more loving thoughts.

Also if you are working with a specific energy for example to be more your authentic self and 'Shine your Light' this card would be perfect to use in a crystal grid or in your alter space to create a statement with your intentions.


Daily Practice.....

Now is the time for action. Jump in. Delve deep. See where this intuitive adventure takes you!!!

I'd love to hear your feedback and how the cards speak to you. There is no right and wrong with the intuitive process, it is all fluid. Feel free to share your spreads on Instagram. Tag @sacredwildsoul and #sacredwildoracle


Good luck and enjoy the journey!

Zoe :) xx