Hermit & Heal Challenge (Download)
Hermit & Heal Challenge (Download)
Hermit & Heal Challenge (Download)
Hermit & Heal Challenge (Download)
Hermit & Heal Challenge (Download)
Hermit & Heal Challenge (Download)
Sacred Wild Soul

Hermit & Heal Challenge (Download)

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Instant Digital Downloadable 21 day tarot challenge for your Journal!!!

* Struggling to translate your CARD readings into your journal?

* Want to create a daily card reading practise that you'll easily stick to?

*Want to start a meaningful journaling practise but not sure where to begin?

* Want to get back into pulling cards for yourself on a regular basis and not sure where to start?

* Not sure what to ask your tarot deck when you sit down to pull cards?

* Want to connect inwardly but need some help with starting....?

Then this is for you....welcome to HERMIT AND HEAL.

A 21day tarot/oracle card challenge with 21 different card layouts/questions all in an easy journaling sheet that you simply print out and stick into your journal!

A great way to keep track of your card pulls and messages, seeing themes that arise as you work through the prompts on a regular basis.


Easy to fill in boxes for each question so simply show up with your favourite deck and pull some cards to dive deep.



Watch on YouTube: https://youtu.be/FSXoiNFmmbY

Hermit and Heal (across 14 pages)- these are perfect to use to along side your daily card pulls and tarot readings as you document them in your journaling practise.

Each daily journal page fills half a page when printing, meaning that these are the perfect size to stick into any bullet journal or A5 sized journal!

Purchase, print, cut and instantly start working with this printable in your journal......no waiting around for snail mail and no crazy international shipping fees, yaaaay!!!

***Energy exchange of £29, roughly $37 USD!***

So simple to purchase. It comes as a PDF document (11.5mb and 6pages) that can be instantly downloaded and printed at home. 

As soon as payment is completed you will be sent to the 'Download' page. You will also be emailed a link to this page meaning that you can download it later if you prefer! Make sure you save it to your computer or device!


***Please note that no physical product will be shipped to you, this is a digital download for your to print at home for your own personal use!***