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Over the last week I have been thinking a lot about alignment.
What alignment feels like, the difference it makes to how I think. Calling myself back into alignment has created great shifts. I feel calmer, more present, more fulfilled, more mindful and more loving.
The magic that being in alignment creates is the pure essence of what we call 'happiness'. So how aligned are you feeling right now? With your path, your calling, your inner truth and beliefs?
This weeks card reading has 3 parts; 

Focus, Insights, Actions.

It will be able to give you some insights into your current state of alignment and what you can do to feel more aligned!



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Sacred Wild Soul messages revealed

Decks used; The Work Your Light Oracle by Rebecca Campbell.

My Sacred Soul Searching Oracle deck- both in Tarot size and Mini size.


1- Turquoise.
Focus= Pillar of Light,
Focus on your light, feel your connection above and below. You are connected to the Universe and the Earth as one. Connect inwardly and ground yourself into this present moment. Feel this pillar of light, this Universal energy flowing through you. 
Insights= Truth & Trust,
Align with your truth. In your heart of hearts you can always feel when you are being true to yourself and your beliefs. Your alignment relies on you being true to yourself so trust that this is all you need right now!
Actions= Scattered.
It's time to focus your energy on that which feels most aligned. Don't be afraid to shake things up and do things differently if this new way feels more aligned in your heart! Shift or let go of the things that no longer feel aligned with your path. Follow that alignment, that feeling of flow! This is where things will come with ease, feel exciting and you will feel your passion ignite!
2- Amethyst.
Focus= The Ever-Unfolding Rose, 
"Cracked open. Its happening for you, not to you!" This is important to grasp. Things might not have been going to plan lately, in fact they may feel as though the Universe is against you! No matter what you do things just aren't working in the way you want them to. Don't worry. It's ok. Sometimes our greatest struggles actually birth our greatest gifts, insights and inner strength! Things might not make sense right now but know that this is an important lesson on your path called 'Life'
Insights= Blooming,
You are blooming! Even if it doesn't feel like it, things are happening. Just like the rose, it takes lots of energy, growth, time and nurturing in order to get to that perfect moment when the rose is ready to bloom. The same is true for you and your path! Know that you are growing towards your perfect moment to bloom!
Actions= Building Foundations.
This is a simple one, it's about consistent action! Think about the effort it takes to build an entire wall, (or in our case, grow every gorgeous petal!) Instead of letting the whole picture overwhelm us we need to think about laying one brick at a time.....this is how dreams are built, one brick at a time, one step at a petal at a time!
3- Quartz.
Focus= Trust the niggle.
Can you hear it calling, is there a feeling or an idea that just won't go away.....that's the niggle! It's calling you home, back to yourself, back into alignment! Sometimes we search outwardly for our ideal situation to come to us and then we think we'll be happy....when actually we've been running away from ourselves, going inwardly is where you'll find everything you've ever been searching for!!!
Insights= Priorities.
Time to put yourself first, your dream first, your alignment and inner truth first!!! What are you making a priority?
Actions= Surrender.
Answer the call to surrender. Let go of all preconceived ideas, of who you are or who you should be. Time to surrender to your inner truth and let all else go!


I hope you found this weeks message insightful! 
See you for another reading next week!
Zoe xx
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