Remembering that I am a Divine Spark

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Oracle deck Zoe Howarth Sacred Wild Soul
***Today's Advice***
(Top) Thought for today?
(Bottom) Action steps to take; 1,2 &3!
Remember that "I am not this body, I am the divine spark within." Let go of your ego self and come back to your Universal self... You are always connected. To love, to help and guidance, to abundance and to flow. Get out of your own way an come back to your centre, reconnect with who you truly are!
Step1: Clarity. Get crystal clear about your intentions, what you want, where you're heading and most importantly WHY....these will be your sign posts in the darkness!

Step2: Daily Practise. Commit to a daily practise of doing what you love, doing what lights you up and makes you feel alive!!!
Step3: Unexpected Magic. Don't grip too tightly to your 'to-do' list...some things evolve over time. Let them become a living breathing thing. Let things flow, let ideas come and plant new seeds as you grow along the way. Let the mystery of what is possible become a partnership on this journey.
Deck: The TAROT size Sacred Wild Soul-Searching Oracle

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