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Midweek Mindset- Opening to the shifts.

. Be open to the shifts and allow more magic to happen! . Healing happens in layers. It's not as simple as A+B=C. Once we commit to tackling that first layer we begin to unravel so many hidden aspects. The mind, body and soul connection becomes evident! . The more healing work we do, the deeper we go and the more layers reveal themselves to us.  . And yes sometimes this can feel like things are getting worse before they get better. Really what is happening is that this deep inner work is bringing you back to your truth and what's most important to you. . Suddenly we realise that we need to make some shifts in order to bring...

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New Morning Prompt Oracle in the making- perfect for beginners!

This deck is also the perfect starter deck. If you've never worked with oracle before and find that a full blown oracle deck is a little overwhelming then the prompts deck is a great place to start to help your mind open the doorway to your intuition and start to think about life on different levels as oracle is a great way to get really focused on what your issues are and help you to move through them!

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In turbulent times do this.....

In turbulent times remember that your soul knows the way. - Let your free spirit dance and dream. - Focus on those big wild dreams, not on your doubts and fears! *************** Grab your journal and let your imagination run wild! Get all those big wild dreams down on paper! Capture all those thoughts and ideas .........….and allow yourself space to play and create! - Life is meant to be an adventure after all so lets focus on the fun! Deck; my Tarotsize Oracle deck- available HERE!

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