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A message about your PATH & PURPOSE- Free Weekly Card Reading

This week I've been thinking a lot about path and purpose.."Learning to trust it.Learning to walk it.Learning not to run from itOr rebel against it.Learning to surrender to it,To sink into it.Learning to learn from itAnd be guided by it.".Lets delve into some card pulls to see what our message is about our own path this week. .Choose your cards! . . This weeks reading comes in 3 parts! Focus, Insights, Actions. . This is to help delve a little deeper into your current situation and what you need to do to move forwards in a positive way.  __________________________________ . (Deck used; The Wild Wood Tarot) . Focus; What is the focus of my current situation? . 1- Amazonite- The Seer...

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Mindweek Mindset- What's your Sacred Why!?!

***Midweek Mindset***"Make a mission statement for your soul!".It's not just about having a positive intention but when you but it into words it suddenly becomes a plan. Something to live by. Then day by day, step by step, you begin to walk the path you envisioned for yourself!.If you can dream it, you can be it!.What's your mission statement? What's you reason why? . . Deck, the gorgeous Sacred Creators Oracle by Chris-Anne. @pixiecurio

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Midweek Mindset- Creating Positive Change.

  ***Midweek Mindset***"I am consciously creating positive change!!!".You are the change-maker!!!! Yaaaay! Your powerful intentions plus consistent action over time results in GUARANTEED CHANGE!!!.So cut the cords of doubt. The only thing that is holding you you!!!!.Let go of the negative thoughts and mind chatter and instead make it your mission to tell yourself loving and encouraging thoughts instead!!! .Write them down! Place them somewhere that you will see them every single day!!!!.You are the creator of your own reality...... Are you actively taking control of your story or is your story taking control of you!?!.What positive changes are you making this week? . . Deck used; the Sacred Creators Oracle by Chris-Anne Donnelle

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Midweek Mindset- Opening to the shifts.

. Be open to the shifts and allow more magic to happen! . Healing happens in layers. It's not as simple as A+B=C. Once we commit to tackling that first layer we begin to unravel so many hidden aspects. The mind, body and soul connection becomes evident! . The more healing work we do, the deeper we go and the more layers reveal themselves to us.  . And yes sometimes this can feel like things are getting worse before they get better. Really what is happening is that this deep inner work is bringing you back to your truth and what's most important to you. . Suddenly we realise that we need to make some shifts in order to bring...

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