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What are you struggling with? Here's this week's Free weekly card reading!

 Welcome to this weeks card reading! . Choose your set of cards- 1,2 or 3? .     __________________________________ 1- 4 Swords & Shine your light. Time to look inwards to your own inner flame. You have everything inside you that you've spent so long searching outwardly for! Now is the time to slow down and face your inner demons and reconnect to your light!  . _______________ . 2- The World & Growth You literally have the world at your fingertips! Whatever you've been doing keep doing it, keep going. You are on a roll. Don't give up now, you are growing in so many ways!    . ________________ . 3-  Daughter of Wands and Stuck & Stagnant. . Time...

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A message about your PATH & PURPOSE- Free Weekly Card Reading

This week I've been thinking a lot about path and purpose.."Learning to trust it.Learning to walk it.Learning not to run from itOr rebel against it.Learning to surrender to it,To sink into it.Learning to learn from itAnd be guided by it.".Lets delve into some card pulls to see what our message is about our own path this week. .Choose your cards! . . This weeks reading comes in 3 parts! Focus, Insights, Actions. . This is to help delve a little deeper into your current situation and what you need to do to move forwards in a positive way.  __________________________________ . (Deck used; The Wild Wood Tarot) . Focus; What is the focus of my current situation? . 1- Amazonite- The Seer...

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Free Weekly Card Reading- A message from your Higher Self

This week I've been contemplating the connection we have to our HIGHER SELF and learning to listen and pay attention to the messages it has for me! . So grab your favourite deck and your journal and lets get started with this week's card reading! . What messages do this weeks cards have in store for you? . CHOOSE YOUR CARDS! . Decks used; The Wild Unknown Tarot by Kim Krans of The Wild Unknown. An my Tarot size Sacred Oracle. . __________________________ 1) The Hermit and The Seed! Solitude, new beginnings and meditation! . A call to focus inwards, what seeds are you ready to plant? Now is the time to focus on your potential and let the new...

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