Tarot and the Swords Suit- what do they mean?

Swords Tarot

Ace of swords tarot meaning


The swords suit often get a bad rep, I've found that alot of people see these as "scary cards". Fearing them showing up in a reading and when they do viewing this as a really bad omen!


In truth the swords are my favourite suit! Why? Because they deal with the mind, they get deep into our mindset issues and often illuminate what the block is that is before us. Working with the swords suit and bring the deepest positive transformation.


Over the past decade of delving into my own Healing path I've come to realise that mindset is everything! It is the difference between winning and holding back, between seeing the possibilities and opportunities verses seeing all the pitfalls and reasons NOT to jump.


 The essence of the sword may feel very negative. Like we are about to head into battle. It can feel very brutal, blood thirsty and have an omen of death about it. Yet what if we instead see the sword as a sacred tool in a positive light? It's sharp point to help pin point the truth. To only swing when you are sure and have clarity of your actions. To use it's blade to cut through the cords of fear and doubt, cutting through illusions to reveal the truth at the core of the situation.


Think of this as a journey through a wild wood. Needing it's sharp blade to help carve a path before you. To help clear the weeds, the thorns and all the dead wood. With every step getting closer to your truth, your mission, your sense of purpose.

The sword can also represent a sense of protection and empowerment.

Knowing that it can be use in this way to carve your path it then becomes a talisman, showing your own strength of conviction and when another hurdle arises with its help you are ready to keep going, to draw on this inner strength and fight on when things get hard.

So with all this in mind, let's dive into the swords suit!


Ace swords-

Clarity, gaining focus and having a clear vision of what's to come. Moments of clarity can feel like an epiphany striking as the next steps become clear! Seeing the truth through the chaos.


2 swords-

Needing to make a decision. To choose with conviction. Often feeling like you are being pulled in 2 different directions. A crossroads can feel very confusing and can stop us in our tracks. Time to trust yourself and what you really want. This can sometimes feel like having to choose between your head and your heart.


3 swords

Pain and heartache. This can leave you feeling broken, out of sorts and overwhelmed by life, tangled in your own grief. This is an important obstacle in your path, when we learn to overcome these pains we learn to dig deeper into our own strength, to b lead by our inner warrior who helps pick us up and show us a way forwards. All is not lost but the pain can feel very real.


4 swords

After all the pain it's time to heal. Rest and recouperate. Be gentle with yourself at this time. Take care of yourself from the inside out and introduce self love on all levels to accelerate the road to recovery.


5 swords

Self destruct, self inflicted hardship. Sometimes the things we do come from an inner place of deep fear which results in actions that create a self destruct pattern.

Ask yourself could I have handled things in a different way? Try to take yourself out of the situation and look at the bigger picture. 


6 swords

Movement in a new positive direction. A sign of a new beginning, a sign of hope after the struggle. Letting go of what's been holding you back and learning to release its grip on you.


7 swords

There is something secretive to be unmasked or unveiled. Are you being truthful? What is the truth? Cut through the illusions to get back to the truth in all its glory.


8 swords

Trapped. Feeling stuck and helpless. This can be a daunting card, feeling as though all is lost, like there is no other way, trapped by our limiting beliefs. There will be a strong urge to give up but that's where this card is so empowering. It's a mirror to remind you of your inner strength, that you are only bound by your own limitations. Tap into this inner strength and find another way out.


9 swords

Thoughts and the mind can become the biggest prison of all. Fear and doubt rule the roost here. Misery and depression can feel like your constant companion. Ask for help if you are struggling. Don't get lost in this ddarkness. Remember "it's always darkest before the dawn." This can be the hardest of lessons to overcome. The battle with the mind can feel neverending.


10 swords.

Rock bottom. Know that the worst is over and the beauty of hitting rock bottom means that you have finally found a strong sturdy Foundation on which to rebuild your life. From here the only way is up. You are ready for a whole new outlook!


I hope you found this helpful and can begin to see the sword in a much more positive and transformative light! The journey to healing is our salvation, it isn't easy but it is so worth it!

Sword of truth tarot meaning of ace of swords

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