New Morning Prompt Oracle in the making- perfect for beginners!

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Sacred Wild Soul e-deck Morning Prompt Oracle Deck printable
I'm so excited to start sharing my latest project!!! I'm having alot of fun creating this new mini deck! Its the Morning Prompts Oracle which is the perfect way to start your day with a little theme or prompt to set the tone. It can help keep you mindful throughout the day and give you a focus for your mindset. It is also great to use as a journal prompt if you are ready to dig a little deeper and unearth how you are really feeling about things!!!
I am currently only about 1/4 of the way through making these cards but I thought I would share where I've gotten to so far so you can see the journey of how these progress and come to life!
This deck is also the perfect starter deck. If you've never worked with oracle before and find that a full blown oracle deck is a little overwhelming then the prompts deck is a great place to start to help your mind open the doorway to your intuition and start to think about life on different levels as oracle is a great way to get really focused on what your issues are and help you to move through them!
Today is the first time I've started to play around with using these little prompts with my other decks and they work so perfectly together! You may have already seem this photo over on my instagram but I'm so excited to start using this deck that I'm sharing this photo here too!
Sacred Wild Prompt deck oracle spread layout crystals

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